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About Selina

As the owner and CEO of Selina's Creations Catering company, I have been cooking since I was a little girl. My passion started from seeing the love my Aunts, Mom, and Grandmother all shared in the kitchen. As I got older I was over the hospitality ministry at my church and everyone loved the dishes I prepared for them. I had a really good friend that told me I had a gift and to pursue it. He encourage me to register for culinary school and I haven't turned around since. I have catered all kinds of events and at each one client satisfaction is my number one goal! 

Feed the body and uplift the spirit!

We here at selina's creation are here to feed your body and uplift your spirit. Catering for all occasions! Our motto is to "send your mouth on a mini vacation and have a taste of Selina's Creations." We want you to transport to another place when you take a bite and experience our food. I take traditional dishes and add my own twist!

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